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As unemployment compensation regulations become increasingly complicated and burdensome, employers are required to have experience in effectively managing unemployment claims for their businesses. Now, you have a choice. UC Assure offers a comprehensive set of solutions to ease the frustrations of the unemployment insurance compensation process and put less strain on your payroll tax budget.

UC Assure has fostered decade-long relationships with industry-leading claims administrators to ensure that our clients receive customer service that is second to none. Or, if you prefer, UC Assure can work with your current provider. Coupled with our team’s dedicated account managers, our partners in claims administration can assist your non-profit in navigating difficult administrative issues regarding unemployment.

In order to provide your non-profit with meaningful savings, each and every employment claim and benefit charge statement is individually examined to ensure proper benefits payments and avoid erroneous charges and overpayments. Employers nationwide overpay unemployment benefits by an estimated $3 billion dollars every year due to incorrect overpayments, but UC Assure and its partners can protect your business from similar mistakes.

In addition, our coverage offers unlimited hearing representation and consultation in advance to prepare your non-profit with effective documentation and disciplinary best practices. These precautions and procedures can save your entity time and energy navigating difficult compliance matters, and can result in more favorable outcomes.

Communication with our clients is key, especially when it comes to new administrative requirements that involve unemployment and non-profit organizations. UC Assure’s dedicated team provides timely updates to inform clients of the ever changing unemployment environment. UC Assure adds the layer of an internal client care specialist to ensure ease of communication and help confirm that all of your unemployment program’s expectations are met.

With our partners in claims administration, UC Assure can help streamline your non-profit’s claims processing, provide consultations with your team on appeals and hearing representation, and audit benefit charge activities — all the while saving you time, energy, and money.